Plugins for Textpattern CMS.
001  Andreas Blaser 29.5 KBDownloadPreview
002  Andreas Blaser 4.4 KBDownloadPreview
003  Adi Gilbert  7.4 KBDownloadPreview
004  Adi Gilbert  7.4 KBDownloadPreview
005  Adi Gilbert  12.3 KBDownloadPreview
006  Adi Gilbert  38.7 KBDownloadPreview
007  Adi Gilbert  17.7 KBDownloadPreview
008  Adi Gilbert  10.1 KBDownloadPreview
009  Adi Gilbert  3.1 KBDownloadPreview
010  Adi Gilbert  5.3 KBDownloadPreview
011adi_if_contentPublic pluginContent informed conditional0.24.5 KBDownloadPreview
012  Adi Gilbert  6 KBDownloadPreview
013  Adi Gilbert  11.1 KBDownloadPreview
014  Adi Gilbert  8.3 KBDownloadPreview
015  Adi Gilbert  6.5 KBDownloadPreview
016  Adi Gilbert  16.4 KBDownloadPreview
017  Adi Gilbert  18 KBDownloadPreview
018  Adi Gilbert  19.8 KBDownloadPreview
019  Adi Gilbert  4 KBDownloadPreview
020  Adi Gilbert  12.5 KBDownloadPreview
021  Adi Gilbert  11.2 KBDownloadPreview
022  Adi Gilbert  4.6 KBDownloadPreview
023aks_articlePublic pluginExtended article_custom tag KBDownloadPreview
024aks_cacheAdmin/Public pluginPartial caching web pages 0.3d5.9 KBDownloadPreview
025aks_headerPublic pluginStrip white spaces and GZIP compress pages on the fly. Set any page headers. Simple 301 redirect with conditions. Etag/If-None-Match support KBDownloadPreview
026aks_metaPublic pluginChange metas after page rendering. Added mark... 0.2.4a5 KBDownloadPreview
027bot_write_tab_customize Author: redbot (additions by mrdale + jcr)0.7.556.9 KBDownloadPreview
028cbe_frontauthPublic side pluginManage backend connections from frontend 0.9.778.9 KBDownloadPreview
029com_connectPublic pluginForm and contact mailer for Textpattern4.6.0-beta.3178.8 KBDownloadPreview
030dzd_multicat_creatorAdmin pluginAdd multiples categories at once 0.210.3 KBDownloadPreview
031etc_searchAdmin/Public pluginSearch in any table(s)0.9.551.9 KBDownloadPreview
032  Stef Dawson 5.9 KBDownloadPreview
033gbp_permanent_linksAdmin/Public pluginCustom permanent links rules0.14.893.5 KBDownloadPreview
034glz_custom_fieldsAdmin/Public/AJAX pluginUnlimited, super special custom fields. KBDownloadPreview
035ied_plugin_composerAdmin/Public/AJAX pluginCreate, publish and edit plugins from within Textpattern CMS1.1.1292.8 KBDownloadPreview
036ied_plugin_composerAdmin/Public/AJAX pluginCreate, publish and edit plugins from within Textpattern CMS1.2.1293.1 KBDownloadPreview
037jcr_file_customAdmin/Public pluginAdds a custom field to the files panel0.1.19 KBDownloadPreview
038jcr_link_customAdmin/Public pluginAdds a custom field to the links panel0.1.18.8 KBDownloadPreview
039kuo_admin_noindexAdmin pluginEach page in /textpattern/ folder emits "noindex, nofollow" header.0.11.2 KBDownloadPreview
040kuo_disable_searchPublic pluginPrevent users from making search queries with Textpattern's internal front-side search engine.0.11.2 KBDownloadPreview
041kuo_trigger_saveAdmin pluginTrigger "Save" button click with a keyboard key combination.0.11.3 KBDownloadPreview
042mkp_if_enPublic pluginallowing Textpattern to detect an alternative URL that required English 1.14.2 KBDownloadPreview
043mkp_url_parametersPublic pluginA Textpattern Plugin for creating Date-Based Archives 1.25.5 KBDownloadPreview
044oui_cookie Author: Nicolas Morand1.0.0-beta220.1 KBDownloadPreview
045  Nicolas Morand 7.9 KBDownloadPreview
046rah_flat Author: Jukka Svahn0.3.040 KBDownloadPreview
047rah_privileges Author: Jukka Svahn0.1.19.6 KBDownloadPreview
048rss_admin_db_managerAdmin/Public pluginDatabase management system.4.433.6 KBDownloadPreview
049  Rob Sable 10.6 KBDownloadPreview
050  Auto-incrementing counter(s)  5.7 KBDownloadPreview
051  Static CSS caching  9.4 KBDownloadPreview
052  conditional tag for detecting the current article  2 KBDownloadPreview
053  Template inheritance  26 KBDownloadPreview
054  Alter pre-MySQL 4.1 tables to use UTF-8 charset  13.3 KBDownloadPreview
055  Maintenance Mode  2.7 KBDownloadPreview
056  Find changes made to installed plugins  13.7 KBDownloadPreview
057  Cut XHTML at a specified character limit  3.9 KBDownloadPreview
058smd_access_keysAdmin/Public pluginPermit access to content for a certain time period/number of access attempts 0.20108.7 KBDownloadPreview
059smd_admin_themesAdmin/AJAX pluginAdmin-side theme manager and editor0.50149.2 KBDownloadPreview
060smd_article_statsAdmin/Public pluginGet article/excerpt statistics and display them to visitors 0.3021.9 KBDownloadPreview
061smd_at_workAdmin/Public pluginSwitchable site maintenance mode0.2212.1 KBDownloadPreview
062  Stef Dawson / Dale Chapman 4.7 KBDownloadPreview
063  Stef Dawson 10.7 KBDownloadPreview
064smd_bioAdmin/Public/AJAX pluginCustomisable user biographies / profile info.0.50177.6 KBDownloadPreview
065smd_calendarPublic pluginCalendar / event / schedule system with events as Textpattern articles0.54218.6 KBDownloadPreview
066  Stef Dawson 75.7 KBDownloadPreview
067smd_countdownClient side pluginTime until article posted/expiry or any other date is reached0.124.6 KBDownloadPreview
068smd_ebookAdmin side pluginCreate e-books (e.g. Kindle) from Textpattern content 0.1032.6 KBDownloadPreview
069  Stef Dawson 20.3 KBDownloadPreview
070smd_horizonPublic pluginNext/previous article without restrictions0.1154.9 KBDownloadPreview
071smd_imageryAdmin/AJAX pluginA Textpattern CMS plugin for managing images in the Write panel.0.1051.5 KBDownloadPreview
072  Stef Dawson 8.7 KBDownloadPreview
073smd_macroAdmin/Public pluginDefine custom macros/virtual Textpattern tags for your site0.4152.1 KBDownloadPreview
074  Stef Dawson 41.4 KBDownloadPreview
075  Stef Dawson 18.5 KBDownloadPreview
076  Stef Dawson 93.5 KBDownloadPreview
077smd_tagsAdmin/Public/AJAX pluginUnlimited tag taxonomy for articles, images, files and links0.51284.3 KBDownloadPreview
078smd_thumbnailAdmin/Public/AJAX pluginMultiple image thumbnails of arbitrary dimensions0.32121.1 KBDownloadPreview
079smd_where_usedAdmin/AJAX pluginFind which forms/pages/articles/plugins/text have been used where in your design0.3028.4 KBDownloadPreview
080soo_article_filterClient side pluginCreate filtered list of articles before sending to txp:article or txp:article_custom 0.3.331.1 KBDownloadPreview
081soo_hideClient side pluginReplacement for txp:hide KBDownloadPreview
082soo_if_frontpageClient side pluginCheck if page is a section front page KBDownloadPreview
083soo_modifiedClient side pluginTags for article modification dates KBDownloadPreview
084soo_page_breakClient side pluginPagination within an article 0.1.233 KBDownloadPreview
085soo_page_numbersAdmin/Client side pluginArticle list nav and page count widgets KBDownloadPreview
086soo_plugin_displayAdmin/Client side pluginDisplay info about installed plugins 0.2.438.1 KBDownloadPreview
087soo_required_filesAdmin/Client side pluginLoad JavaScript and CSS files per article 0.2.723.8 KBDownloadPreview
088soo_tocClient side pluginAuto-generate table of contents for an article 0.1.517.1 KBDownloadPreview
089soo_txp_objLibrary pluginSupport library for Txp plugins KBDownloadPreview
090tom_image_gridAdmin pluginAn optionnal grid display for images tab0.412.9 KBDownloadPreview
091  Robert Wetzlmayr 10.2 KBDownloadPreview
092zcr_mailchimpPublic pluginTextpattern CMS Mailchimp module for zem_contact_reborn0.1016.2 KBDownloadPreview
093zem_contact_rebornPublic pluginForm mailer for Textpattern4.5.0.0173.6 KBDownloadPreview
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